Romantic Sneek Peak from Fate Play: Wall of Destiny

I didn’t understand the meaning of my heartbeats

I didn’t knew the longing of my eyes

Even if I had tried I couldn’t have known the yearning of my soul…..

‘The man appeared from the ocean of bliss when time began how he was supposed to look this good!’

The tension that was affecting the Princess of Green forest and the former master of the universe seems oblivion to it. The silence was broken with a snap as a fairy maid approached them and bowed. She was the same fairy maid who took care of the little prince, she came with him in arms.

“Your Highness, Prince Li is ready for you,” She said with a bow. Hong Liu took him looking at him, she said.

“Your Mother is waiting for you riceball,” She turned to bid her farewell to the First Lord but felt like she should say something after hall if he wouldn’t intervene. This would have been much harder as she impulsively barged in the Heavenly Court.

Dong Hai noticed her stare and hesitation.

“If there is something you want to say, say it,” He said, putting the scroll aside. Her cheeks went pink as she realized she was caught staring.

“I feel that without you this matter won’t be settled this easily. Thank you” She said.

He picked the scroll from the table, walked towards and stopped directly in front of her towering over her, he was tall and she only reached to his chest as his lean frame got to her tiny one. She looked up meeting his black stone gaze, which had twinkled in them, mischievous one, seeing the slight half-smile pulled on his lips that transformed his whole face, and Hong Liu’s mouth went dry.

“If I hadn’t then you would have blown away the whole Nine Heaven, Little Red”

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