Fate Play: Main Characters Introduction

The First Lord Dong Hai, Former Master of the Universe

Queen of Green Forest of East Lands Bai Hong Liu,

For Family ‘Xiao Liu’

Dong Hai’s Little Red or Liu’er

Dong Hai and Hong Liu in their mortal Form as Emperor Xian Zhen and Pure Consort Zhou Fang

The Medicine King Ren, the lord of Peach Forest

High Goddess Yi Tai, wife of High God Ren

Crown Princess Bai Changxi, Wife of Crown Prince Xian Yu and Former Queen of East Lands of Green Forest.

Crown Prince of Nine Heavens Xian Yu

Second Prince Huang Ling

Spring Goddess Hua Shen

Lord of Netherworld Mo Fen, Hong Liu’s sworn brother and a disciple of God of War Guan Yu

God Of War Guan Yu

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