Fate Play Romantic Moment flashback

“I said I am sorry, now you are being rude for no reason,” Hong Liu said blowing on her hand.

“Rude? How dare you, do you know who I am? A maid like you had no right even to breathe the same air as me!” She rebuked Hong Liu

“Maid? Me?” Hong Liu gave out a shocked snort. Then her eyes land on the simple white broken teacup, its pieces scattered around just one piece was whole and it had a red lily print on it. For some reason, it made her smile, she bent to get it. ‘She said the teacup was his favourite,’ Hong Liu grimace inside thinking that.

“Good! you should clean it up,” the lady storm passes her towards the study area but Hong Liu just picks up the piece to look at the lily, it was badly painted but the spirit of it was still alive. She likes red lilies a lot they brighten the atmosphere and they are many under her aunt’s cocoon, it made her think of home. She sighs, the anger and annoyance were drained as the feeling of homesickness settle in.

“What is this ruckus? It is giving me a headache,” Dong Hai come out tapping his fist on his forehead, his voice drained the warmth from the atmosphere making the lady in the pale green robes stop and bow to him nervously.

“First Lord, Its nothing. I was coming to serve you and Uncle Huang Ling tea when this maid had collided with me,” She whined

Hong Liu cleans the dust off from the broken teacup piece, Dong Hai ignored the young lady walk towards Hong Liu looking at her as she gazes the piece in her hand at the same time Huang Ling come out curiously, looking at the lady in a little surprise.

“Zi Jie, what are you doing?” Huang Ling asked.

“I heard you have returned, Second Uncle and here, so come here to see you,” Zi Jie’s eyes, however, was on the First Lord when she said it. Huang Ling knew very well who she comes to see and snorted. Zi Jie was the daughter of his elder brother from his second consort and Crown Prince Xian Yu’s half-sister.

“What happened?” He asked. Dong Hai’s cool voice made Hong Liu come out of her thoughts and look at him. Her previous annoyance comes back to her a little bit, she looks away with a scowl.

“I didn’t realize where I was going and collide with her, I am sorry in the process I broke your favourite teacups,” the last part was said with true remorse.

Dong Hai look down at the mess, his lips pressed in a thin line.

“No worries, I will add it up to your debt,” He said.

“Huh?” She looks up at him in shock.

“No debt, I own you nothing! First, give me my-” before she could say ‘hairpin’. Dong Hai took her wrist in his hand started to draw circles on her pulse point, making her calm instantly but her heart… raced faster at his gentle touch. Every vein in her body loosens up immediately. He looks at her hands noticing the redness.

“Why your hands are red?” He asked in the same cool voice.

“The tea slipped on my hands,” she answered without any pause like she was in trance. She looks up at him thinking about what he is doing to her? she felt so warm and fuzzy, soon the little burning sensation that was left evaporated soon. She now completely facing him, gazing at him dazed as he just looks at her wrist where he was drawing soothing circles.

For a second Huang Ling look at those two people like he has never seen any unlike pair, it was odd to see this side of his old friend that he never thought could exist and he doesn’t care mostly about anybody privacy but looking at them even he felt like he was an intrusion…

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