Fate Play : Upcoming Chapter Sneak Peak

Starting of their love story when the world was new….

The image of the young woman in red vibrant as the life itself, her dark eyes and sword swinging in his defense interrupted his meditative state. Dong Hai opened his eyes, in his chambers in the ocean of bliss, a sword of a thin and long blade with red stones adore in its handle rested on his bedside. He breathes and picked it up looking at the shiny blade, the craftmanship is good as his stones eyes trace the red stones carefully aligned in the bow format. Where she got it? It seems personalized.

“I don’t know where the ocean of bliss is but it sounds like it very far away,” 

“It is,”

“Keep this, to protect yourself,”

Protect him? People wants protection from him, it is the first time someone wants to protect him. Dong Hai went into deep thought with a sigh.

“Xiao Liu,” Dong Hai thought.

stay tuned to read full click here

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