Twist of Fate: Chapter 258 Musing

I think we all fear this once in our life or everyday in our life. When we choose to trust someone and we face the risk of pain and heartbreak but is having fear in your heart while trusting someone, is trusting someone at all? Or we are just doing a halfway job or Can choosing to trust someone in spite of the fear can be considered brave?

Xiao Liu ( The Main Lead Female of Fate play) had the same dilemma when one side her heart beckon her to trust and somewhere the trust seems to be so deep rooted. That the depth was unknown to her as well

In spite of everyone saying and having every reason not to, all the prove she ended up trusting him. If I couldn’t myself vouch of Dong Hai at this moment after hiding so many things even I would have a hard time trusting him( I am too practical for this but hopelessly romantic enough to want to) but by this time she is irrevocably in love with him. It is also kind of ironic, that the Former Master of the three realms, the most respected deity in the universe was didn’t seem to be the most trustworthy person at the beginning.

Well here it is the sneak peak of the newly uploaded chapter of Fate Play: Twist of Fate.

 “I can’t save everyone and neither can you, You don’t know anything. I have led armies to their deaths and destroyed many myself, You haven’t seen me drench in blood from head to toe and the wounds that still burn my flesh! I am the Jade Emperor! I killed and let people die for the victories!” Dong Hai voice levelled but sharp and hard that it could cut through bone, Xiao Liu heart shattered.

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As I wrote the stories and went deeper into the characters mind. I have these thoughts or musing that I really want get it out in someway. So I thought, What better way but to share it with you all!

Stay safe & Keep Smiling

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