Musing#2 :Its alright to be Broken ~ Twist of Fate

Its alright to be broken

In Fiction, in writing and even in our mind it sounds so easy right? just little words passing through thoughts but I feel my nerves messing up as I wrote and it became real. I just wrote a chapter where Dong Hai enters the forbidden land only to save Xiao Liu and he never encounter fear, or you could say he had seen too much he has forgotten what it feels like but this is a moment when he had two choices, one to see a disappointment in the eyes of the one and only he loves or save her life. He is a powerful High God in the Celestial Realm, so he figures a way out anyway but he is still dealing with a major problem.

He is not ready to break yet, and I just want to say, “it’s alright to feel vulnerable, it’s alright to break if you don’t. How would you find the flaws and get it right? let yourself go for what you want and fight for it and you want to rest, rest and it is fine to feel that way. When you feel broken let yourself be scattered so you can gather yourself, your strength and look past the possibility of disappointment.”

 In the end, we all hung ourselves together because we were afraid to be disappointed and we started to think we are not allowed to break but holding on hurts more sometimes. It’s not giving up, it’s like giving ourselves some slack and stop facing the possibility that it might have not gone the way we planned or wanted and now get up, find a way to improvise and it is alright to break…to be broken.

He will figure it out at last I hope, even the Lord of the Universe Dong Hai got it wrong at first and that just reminds me of one more thing I heard. Have you ever seen Lucifer on Netflix? Dr Linda said to Lucifer, the angels that fall also rise, kinds of fits here when I think about it.

Read Fate Play Here

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